Dr Mo Yan

Dr Mo Yan, a renowned contemporary Chinese writer, is currently the Dean of the Literature Institute of the Chinese National Academy of Arts.  He is the first Chinese national to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2012.  Born in 1956 into a peasant family in Shandong Province, China, Dr Mo Yan left school at the age of 11.  In 1976, Dr Mo Yan joined the army and has assumed a teaching role.  He also started writing where his literary talent was first discovered.  He left the army to work in Procuratorial Daily in 1997.

The release of Red Sorghum (1987) launched his career as a nationally recognised novelist.  Dr Mo Yan’s major works include The Garlic Ballads (1988); The Republic of Wine: A Novel (1993); Big Breasts and Wide Hips (1995); Sandalwood Death (2001); Pow (2003); Life and Death are Wearing Me Out (2006) and Frog (2009).  His works have been translated into over 40 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Korean etc.

Dr Mo Yan is the recipient of numerous awards including Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (the French Arts and Literature Knight Medal), Italy’s Nonino Prize, the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize of Japan, the Newman Prize for Chinese Literature, the Mao Dun Literature Prize and Korea’s Manhae Literary Prize.  He is a fellow of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts and an honorary member of the Modern Language Association of America.

Dr Mo Yan received his Master’s degree in Literature from Beijing Normal University in 1991.  He has also been awarded Honorary Doctorates from The Open University of Hong Kong, Fo Guang University of Taiwan, Aix-Marseille University of France, Sofia University of Bulgaria, The City University of New York, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Macau.