We must reiterate and safeguard ourvaluable tradition and moral values,treasure the relationship betweenpeople and promote social harmony.

Our Vision
Striving for Harmony and the Betterment of Humankind
Our Mission
The Lui Prize honours individuals and organisations whose work contributes to the development of a better and more harmonious world and aims to provide these laureates with the financial resources to continue their work and even expand its scope. Laureates can come from anywhere in the world and from any field of endeavour, and it is hoped they will also serve as role models for young people.
Since 2020, the Lui Prize has brought an additional focus to its work, aiming to make a meaningful difference at the local, as well as at the global, level. Through collaborations with partners in Hong Kong, support has been given to programmes which benefit local communities, particularly in the areas of education and youth development.

Our Core Values


Sustainability – maintaining a sustainable ecological balance, along with the integrity of the planet’s natural capital, while also providing for the needs of future generations.


Welfare Betterment – enhancing human well-being, in terms of access to basic life amenities, such as food and nutrition, clean drinking water, sanitation, healthcare and education, as well as to opportunities for productive employment and economic advancement.


Positive Energy – promoting a positive attitude to life, seeking to generate positive energy, and demonstrating an unwavering determination to foster harmony and inspire creativity, resilience, and the adoption of a positive attitude in the face of setbacks and adversity.

What We Do
The LUI Che Woo Prize honours individuals or organisations, active in any part of the world, whose outstanding achievements fall into one of the three Prize categories: Sustainability, Welfare Betterment and Positive Energy. Each awardee receives a cash award of HK$20 million to support their future work.
The Lui Prize has donated substantial sums of money to build prestigious new facilities at the Mainland’s Jiaotong, Tsinghua and Peking universities, and sponsors a volunteer programme at Hong Kong’s Palace Museum.
The Lui Prize works together with partners in Hong Kong on programmes that benefit local communities, particularly in the fields of education and youth development.

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