About The Prize


Dr Lui Che-woo firmly believes that he can facilitate the building of a better world by properly recognising those people or organisations, who have made remarkable contributions to the welfare of mankind, and encouraging them to persevere with their efforts in the same direction.

Despite being born into an affluent family, Dr Lui experienced in his early life many of the hardships that people around the globe now face: illness, poverty, conflict, famine and despair. He worked extremely hard to build up a successful business conglomerate. He is resolute in his conviction that mankind can overcome many adversities through selfless dedication and unceasing efforts before moving into the realms of respect and tolerance, mutual understanding and support, harmony and prosperity.

Dr Lui has long been an advocate of “returning to the society what is owed”. He is also a staunch supporter of traditional values that promote benevolence and peace. These tenets and his deep compassion for humanity have inspired him to establish the LUI Che Woo Prize to extol those individuals or organisations who have selflessly dedicated themselves to the nurturing and enrichment of world civilisation.

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The LUI Che Woo Prize aims to recognise and honour individuals or organisations all over the world with outstanding achievements and contributions in respect of the following three objectives:


Objective 1: Sustainable development of the world

This objective is to recognise an outstanding achievement of an individual or an organisation in maintaining a sustainable ecological balance and natural capital on the one hand and providing for the needs of future generations on the other.


Objective 2: Betterment of the welfare of mankind

This objective is to acknowledge an outstanding effort of an individual or an organisation to enhance the well-being of the human race.


Objective 3: Promotion of positive life attitude and enhancement of positive energy

This objective is to honour a model which can be an individual or an organisation of unwavering determination demonstrated in the adoption of a positive attitude and making constructive changes in the face of setbacks, hardship and adversity.

Why is the LUI Che Woo Prize Special?

Unlike other international prizes which have specific fields, the LUI Che Woo Prize is a new and prestigious international accolade awarded to individuals or organisations who have displayed remarkable achievements towards the three objectives of the Prize thereby contributing to world civilisation. Thus, the coverage of the LUI Che Woo Prize is very broad, the recipients not being limited to academics and scientists. The LUI Che Woo Prize recognises accomplishments beneficial to mankind and also encourages the continuation of that work for which its laureates have been chosen. It transcends all boundaries of nations and sows seeds for the continuous development of a better and harmonious world.