Impact Hong Kong
Feature Stories

“Get set, restart!” –
The Story of So Wa-wai

An inspiring story of So Wa Wai overcoming the odds and proving everyone who doubted one's ability wrong.
Feature Stories

“I was born different”
– The Story of Cho Ping

An inspiring story of Paralympian, Cho Ping, her extraordinary perseverance, rewarded her the way to a medal at the Women’s Rely in 1984.
Feature Stories

“Coastline Guardians” – Documentary Short Film

A story about Ha Pak Nai, Hong Kong, with The Nature Conservancy.
Feature Stories

“Breaking records, breaking barriers”

IPC encourages people with disabilities to show what the world thinks they are not capable of and inspires positive energy through sports.
Feature Stories

“Living with Goats” – Documentary

The daily lives of a villager who lived in Ha Pak Nai for four generations raising goats.
Feature Stories

“The Wonders of Farming” – Documentary

By taking good care and cultivating their land, Ha Pak Nai villagers live their everyday lives in admiration and harmony with Nature.
Feature Stories

“Say Hello to Plants” – Documentary

There are many special and rare plants in Ha Pak Nai that are endangered. It is important to protect the ecosystem of the longest natural coastline in HK.