Founder's Philosophy


Dr Lui Che-woo’s experience of hardship in his early life during the war paved the way for his later success. He cherishes the belief in “giving back to the society from which one has benefited”. Hence, he is determined to set up the LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation (hereinafter called “the LUI Che Woo Prize” or “the Prize”).

The LUI Che Woo Prize is the first of its kind of international cross-sector award, honouring and recognising individuals or organisations who have selflessly contributed to world civilisation with words and deeds.

Aspired to sow seeds of benevolence, the LUI Che Woo Prize does not only recognise the awardees’ past accomplishments (for having pioneered specific areas of technology, medical care, literature, art, charity and/or peace, aiming to advance sustainable development of world resources, to enhance common well-being and to advocate positive life values) but also encourages them to keep up their momentum and inspire others to build a better world together.

Founder's Vision

Dr Lui Che-woo’s vision of contributing towards a better world is through the establishment of the LUI Che Woo Prize which recognises and honours astounding achievements of individuals or organisations in the promotion of world civilisation.