About the LUI Che Woo Prize (“Prize”)

  • 1. What are the objectives of the Prize?

    The Prize aims to recognise and honour individuals or organisations all over the world with outstanding achievements and contributions in respect of 3 objectives:

    Objective 1: Sustainable development of the world

    Objective 2: Betterment of the welfare of mankind

    Objective 3: Promotion of positive life attitude and enhancement of positive energy

    Please click here for the details of the objectives of the Prize.

  • 2. What are the Prize Categories?

    There are three prize categories – Sustainability Prize, Welfare Betterment Prize and Positive Energy Prize.

  • 3. What are Specific Areas of Focus?

    In order to address ever-evolving global needs and challenges at different times, the Prize will identify a Specific Area of Focus for each Prize Category every year.

    The Specific Areas of Focus cover pioneering accomplishments in areas of technology, medical care, literature, art, charity and/or peace, which aim to advance sustainable development of world resources, enhance the well-being of mankind and advocate positive life values.

    Please click here for more details about the Specific Areas of Focus for the LUI Che Woo Prize 2018.

  • 4. How many prizes will be awarded each year?

    A maximum of three prizes will be presented each year; one under each of the three Prize Categories.

  • 5. How often is the Prize presented?

    The award is presented annually.

  • 6. When was the first Prize awarded?

    The inaugural Prize Presentation Ceremony was held in 2016.

    Check out the list of laureates here.

  • 7. Who founded the Prize?

    Dr. Lui Che Woo established the Prize to realise his profound belief in “giving back to the society from which one has benefited”.

  • 8. What will Prize laureates receive?

    The laureate of each Prize category will receive a cash award of HK$20 million (around US$2.56 million), a certificate and a trophy.

About Nomination

  • 1. Who can make a nomination?

    Only invited nominators can make nomination(s) and receive official nomination information from the Prize Company.

    Uninvited nomination and self-nomination will not be considered.

  • 2. Who are eligible for nomination?

    A nominee can be any individual or organisation who / which has made outstanding achievements related to one of the Specific Areas of Focus in the year.

    Please click here for more details.

  • 3. Is the Prize only open to individuals?

    The Prize is open to both individuals and organisations, while nominees must be nominated by invited nominators.

  • 4. Can the nominators nominate an individual or organisation whose achievement falls within the three Prize Categories but outside the Specific Areas of Focus?

    If a nominee’s achievements fall outside the Specific Area of Focus of the current year but are still within the Prize Category, a nominator can still make the nomination under the Prize Category.

  • 5. Can the nominators nominate more than one nominee?

    Nominators can make multiple nominations, but only one for each Prize Category in a year. Therefore, a nominator can nominate a maximum of three nominees in a year.

  • 6. Can the Prize be jointly shared?

    Each Prize is awarded to a single recipient (i.e. no sharing of a Prize) who can be an individual or an organisation.

  • 7. Can the nominators nominate an individual who is not alive?

    Individual nominees must be living on the date of their nomination. If an individual dies after the announcement of his or her Prize but before he or she has received the Prize, then the LUI Che Woo Prize may be presented to posthumously to his or her estate.

About Selection

  • 1. What is the selection process?

    Prize awardees are selected through a three-stage review process. The nominations will be reviewed by the Selection Panels, the Prize Recommendation Committee and finally the Prize Council.

    Please click here for details of the selection process.

    Please click here for the list of members of the three-tier structure.

  • 2. Where can we find the list of nominees?

    Details of nominations will be kept strictly confidential.