The LUI Che Woo Prize 2016

Every year the LUI Che Woo Prize will identify a specific area of focus for each Prize Category and will also consider recognising individuals or organisations with outstanding achievements in the three Prize Categories although their achievements are not directly related to the specific area of focus of that year.

Nominators must indicate the Prize Category for which they are proposing a nominee. The Prize Categories are as follows, and the specific areas of focus for the current Prize year are indicated below:




Prize Category 1: Sustainable development of the world (Sustainability Prize)
Specific Area of Focus: World Food Supply: Safety and Security




Prize Category 2: Betterment of the welfare of mankind (Welfare Betterment Prize)
Specific Area of Focus: Treatment and/or control of epidemics, infectious diseases or chronic illnesses




Prize Category 3: Promotion of positive life attitude and enhancement of positive energy (Positive Energy Prize)
Specific Area of Focus: Individuals or organisations whose behaviour and achievement inspire, energise and give hope to others

Outstanding achievements of individuals or organisations falling within any of the Prize Categories but outside the specific areas of focus might still be considered.